Here’s how this works! Simply click the above drop-down to choose a flavor, and then click ‘add to cart.’ Next, select another, and keep adding flavors until you have the most awesome variety pack that YOU want, not what someone else created for you! See below for even more details!

Question: What is this auction all about?
Answer: Ever get a whole box of a k-cup you don’t like? Me too! That’s why I created this auction. You get to select individual k-cup flavors that YOU want to try, not a sampler pack or variety pack that someone makes up for you.  Simply click the drop-down box to select the flavor of coffee, cappuccino, tea or hot chocolate you want and click "add to cart." Then use the same drop-down and select another. Add as many different flavors as you want, not what others choose for you.

Question:  What makes me stand out from the others?
Answer: Oh, so so many reasons....
1) We're not some fly-by-night company. We've been doing this since November 2014 with literally tens of thousands of Kcups shipped since then. Check out my bio, you'll be glad you did! We've become so popular that we now even have our own website to order from (with cheaper prices and many, many more flavors to choose from.) We also sell at vendor events many times every year.
2) You can earn rewards just by ordering Kcups! The more you order, the more you can cash in on free Kcups. Cash it in when you're ready, or just keep saving it. It never expires. On every single order you place, I'll let you know your rewards balance!
3) Cheap shipping rate. I honestly lose money on every single order I ship, regardless of how small or large the order is.
4) My kid likes to decorate, so there will always be colorful unique stickers on each and every packages. You'll know when your package has arrived, just by looking at the package.
5) Awesome customer service - I always communicate with my buyers, with every single order, hence the rewards program mentioned several times.

Question: Didn't you used to have three auctions?
Answer: Yup! But Ebay was smart and now allows unlimited varieties in each auction! Makes it easier for you - and me. So I've combined all three into one, easy auction.

Question:If I have 20 k-cups in my cart, what will it cost to ship?
Answer: $1.85 for the first kcup, plus .09 for each additional kcup. I honestly lose money every single order no matter how big or small. My loss, your gain.

Now with a rewards program - The more Kcups you buy, the more money you get back in your own personal rewards account!

Question: I have $6 in coffee rewards. Do I contact you first to make my total bill lower?
Answer: Coffee rewards are used on coffee, not money off your order. So when you place an order, if you have $6 in coffee rewards, tell me what flavor coffee you want. I'll add it to your order. At $6, you're able to get six .99 kcups for free!

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