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Meet Nathan Hickling aka Blake Stone, a modern day superhero. Blake is about to solve some of the major problems of today's world, problems like murders, robberies, rapes and kidnappings.

With his new invention, The Memory Machine, Blake can see crimes happening as if he is personally witnessing them, even though the crimes that happened may have been years in the past.

No one can keep any memory hidden from Blake Stone.

What does this mean for the world? Will anyone be bold enough or stupid enough to commit murder and think it can be hidden? There's always somebody.

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2/5/2014 - John Anderson star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
Great read!!! I couldn't put it down (My wife insisted that I take a break for dinner). Interesting premise and kept me wondering what would happen next. This book has a little of everything, in addition to the sci-fi basis, there is humorous conversation, mystery, and even a bit of romance. Great start for a new author. Looking forward to more (maybe a sequel???).

2/6/2014 - Harold Newberry star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
When Bryan asked me if he could use my name as one of the characters in this book I said sure, sounds like fun. I couldn't wait to read it, and now that I have finally read The Memory Machine, I have to say I truly enjoyed it. Great Job Bryan

2/6/2014 - Carolyn Mazur star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
Great job for a first book! The book is fun and it’s easy to get into. Nathan is goofy and very likable. I really enjoyed it.

2/6/2014 - Angela Litchkowski star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2 bw
I loved the book. It kept my interest peaked from front to back and it is very creative. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star rating is: I am not sure at what age the cutoff would be for some of the promiscuous language describing a certain act. It almost borderlined rating it R in one spot. I think the book was great without some of the sensuous innuendo describing an affair in an office. I think the reader would have gotten the point without being so detailed. But, other than that, it was great. A great start for future books as well. I would love to read more from this extremely talented writer and it is a great start for future issues

2/7/2014 - Marge Marcincavage star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
I loved this book,you will not be disappointed in this amazing quick read, be
prepared, you won't be able to put it down. I read through it in just 2 days. I liked the action and the characters were very interesting

2/7/2014 - Jack Rosenzweig star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
Very enjoyable. Quick read...Great plot concept. Only criticism would have preferred more science and less romance. Looking forward to you next one.

2/10/2014 - Linda Edwards star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
I really enjoyed your book. It was very entertaining and fun to read. I only picked it up 3 times. Now I'm hoping for a second book.

2/12/2014 - Herb Krumich star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
What a terrific read. It came so close to home with our local corruption. Surely I wish Nathan could find his way into Washington, D.C.  Only in our dreams, but better than no dreams at all. Brian, "Great Job". I can't wait until Book Two

2/13/2014 - Elaine Kollar star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2 bw
Good read! Parts are suspenseful, so you'll keep reading to the end.

2/18/2014 - Tom Formica star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2 bw
Quick fun read, fantastic first book! Congrats Brian, time for number two if we can get you off the judge for little while!

2/19/2014 - Malida Obitz star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
Awesome reading! Sat down to read a couple chapters and ended up reading entire book! Sucked me in from beginning. Can't wait for more books. Get to writing Bryan!!!

2/21/2014 - Lisa Verde star 2star 2star 2star 2 bwstar 2 bw
Despite the shortness of the book, I thought it was an amazing first work. The story line was quick and to the point and I found the plot engaging. I see an ongoing series on the horizon for you Bryan and would love to see some more character developement so that I can get to know them more. John and I both found it an honor to be in your first book and look forward to the next!

2/24/2014 - BIG DOG1970 star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
I'm not a guy who reads much, but I really enjoyed reading this book. Bryan Kollar proves to have a very vivid imagination with this story.

3/29/2014 - Kat star 2star 2star 2star 2 bwstar 2 bw
My cousin wrote this book but I'm going to be fair with my review. I'm also a character in the book as well but I remain steadfast reviewing fair and square. I thought this book was good and a fast read. The premise was Nathan created a mask and gloves that when the gloves are put on a person, a video can bring out any memory. This is working out to help bring out the truth in murder and divorce cases. Poor Nathan gets shot at and is always looking over his shoulder. I definitely laughed when my character came to play since I've never seen myself written in a book before which was pretty neat. The ending was nice. For a first time writer, it is a little rough around the edges but I'm sure if he continues to write more books, they'll get better.

3/29/2014 - Marilyn Seidner star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
Excellent, mind boggling, fast reading book. I see great things in store for Bryan Kollar!!! I will be proud to say that Bryan was a guest at Cocca’s Hotels.

3/29/2014 - Arleen Bollinger star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2 bw
The book held my interest. It is clearly science-fictional but still interesting. However, I give it a 4 rating because of some of the foul language.

4/07/2014 - Cherie star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
Just finished reading this. I really like the concept and wish it could be this way...maybe someday, anything is possible. Must read

4/13/2014 - Allan Smith Jr. star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
Absolutely great.....loved it hope to see lots more from this new and upcoming author....thank you

4/28/2014 - Eric Novroski star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2 bw
I really enjoyed this book. I met the author randomly at a book signing at a Barnes and Noble. I was curious and went up to talk to him about his book. I was interested so I picked up a copy and was pleasantly surprised. I wont give any spoilers away but it was worth reading and could possibly be an awesome movie.

5/22/2014 - Jeffrey Prescott star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2 bw
Hi, mate! I thought that your book was a fast and fun read, with enough intrigue and good humor to keep the story going. I will be reading the sequel!!!

9/4/2014 - Rich Davies star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
Bryan Kollar's years of technical knowledge combined with his vast imagination has created a fictional novel which has many references to landmarks and businesses in Northeast PA. I enjoyed the book thoroughly and can't wait to read the next book in the series. Great job Bryan!

9/15/2014 - Number 11 (Amazon member) star 2star 2star 2 bwstar 2 bwstar 2 bw
Okay, let me start off by saying that as I fellow writer, I REALLY wanted to get into this. The concept hooked me right away, and I was all ready to embark on a fun story about a kid who creates this "Memory Machine" and has to deal with all the complications that surround such an invention . . . only to get Nathan, a 26 year old slob.

However, before I go into the things I just couldn't let slide, allow me to say this: the outside of this book looks wonderful! The hook and concept (as mentioned above) is great! I wanted to dive in right away. Naturally though, I decided to take a gander at the sample provided by Amazon, but to my utter disappointment, the book couldn't hold my interest past chapter four. This was due to me primarily wanting the book to be another "Young Adult" book about a boy who takes on society and a huge responsibility while struggling with all the turmoil he is thrown into. That's just it though. This book would have been so much better had the main protagonist been 13-18 years old. I'm focusing a lot on this aspect because this is what I feel a lot of people will think before jumping in, and will be very disappointed to find that Nathan is this 26 year old guy who made this machine. The issues don't just stop there. Nathan just doesn't seem properly flushed out. He talks about how he can't stand the way things are in the world, thus he creates the Memory Machine to fix the world, but that's where is motivation stops. There appears to be no other driving force behind his desire to make sure that the criminal on trial doesn't walk away. That just isn't enough for a person to embark on something, that he himself claims will be life threatening! Even if it had been cliche, had his parents been murdered and the killer got off vs a car crash, his motivation would have been made clear as day. I guess my biggest issue with Nathan was how I couldn't relate and get behind anything he was doing simply because I found his character to be sloppy, ill mannered, and overall, unlikable. Even his friend Saleem seemed over all obnoxious, but not in the "mean" sort of way, but in the "peppy" sort of way. This I'm sure was the intent, but he came off way to strong, making him seem so fake and just out of place. I also felt that the dialogue was trying "too hard" to be "real" that it ended up coming out more forced and fake to me.

I did like how the court turned down his first video he sends in of him talking about the Memory Machine. That at least made me nod my head going, "Yup, that would defiantly happen."

There were two other things that really stuck out that didn't sit well with me: 1) the swearing. There is no need for words such as "Ass" and "S***" in the book. They can easily be replaced for more suitable words that carry the same gravity, making the book more age appropriate. 2) The references. In just the first three chapters (very short mind you) two Star Trek references, and two Star Wars references. This may seem like a good idea to some, but to me, this is a desperate attempt to throw in "pop culture" references of successful Science Fiction work. Its a lazy way of saying, "Hey look guys! I'm writing a Science Fiction story, so naturally I have to mention Star Wars right?" *groan*. The idea of a story is that it should be able to hold up on its own merit, without the support of something else, or someone else's work. Let your story carry itself, flow on its own, and enjoy the ride your character's take you on as you tell a compelling story to your readers. One reference would have been fine, but the fact that four came up in such a short amount of time just made me roll my eyes.

All in all, I REALLY, REALLY, wanted to like this book, but simply couldn't. It lost me so quickly that I simply didn't care what was to come. Some may argue that I would "understand" later in the book, but frankly, the job of the author is to grab me quickly and captivate me. Perhaps I came in with the wrong mindset for this book, expecting it to be a Young Adult "Thriller" story. I feel that would have made for a marvelous story! Alas, it wasn't what I expected. What I got wasn't nearly what I hoped for. Putting Nathan's age aside, there is just so much lost potential in this story. It could have been so unique and interesting with all the murders, the societal impacts, the overwhelming pressure on the protagonist, everything. I would have preferred to have learned more about the device (and the world) as I watched it get used in the field. Having the story start off with more "showing" would have opened the doors to some really interesting routes the story could have gone. In the end, it missed it mark sadly (for me).

So, to summarize:
Pros: Great concept, excellent hook, and very nice cover.
Cons: Poor characters, unsatisfying delivery, lack luster story, and most importantly, wasted potential.

I don't mean to be harsh, I only mean to be direct and constructive, as to help the author grow as a writer. Good luck.

12/24/2014 - Steve Morgan (Amazon member) star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
Both books are fascinating. Once I began reading, I put the book down only to eat. Suspense on every page!

12/24/2014 - Carl Stern star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
One of the best thrillers I’ve read in many years! Both books will keep the reader in suspense. I couldn't put the books down once I began reading!

1/9/2015 - Brandy Ibarra star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was very interesting. The times I had to put it down I found myself thinking about the characters and wondering what's going to happen next. :) An excellent read :)

1/23/2015 - Megan Ziller star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2 bw
This was a very good book. As someone who reads a lot, I thought it was very impressive for a first book. I read it all in one night. The plot is very creative and I liked the mystery in it too, although the story itself moves pretty fast. One thing I would definitely like to see is more character development. I'd like to get to know the characters instead of the book focusing on just the storyline. Overall though, very good and I look forward to starting the sequel!

3/16/2015 - Andrew Gronka star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2
A quick, easy read for sci-fi fans of all ages...well maybe 16 & up.

3/1/2016 - Charles Cason  star 2star 2star 2star 2star 2 bw
An imaginative, fresh approach to the birth of a super hero. Nathan Hinkling aka Blake Stone, envisions the addition of a bullet-proof suit and other enhancements. So, like Batman with his utility belt, Nathan gives me the reader, the impression that he is not finished "re-inventing" his MEMORY MACHINE. I want to read more, and I will -- book 2 is next.

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