The Birthday Killings
Birthday Killings
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Blake Stone’s upgrade to the Memory Machine is a huge improvement. Not only can it read criminals’ minds so they can never tell a lie, it also reads the minds of the people they killed!

Now Blake Stone is wanted dead more than ever. People are killing Blake’s loved ones, one by one, until he calls it quits.

How many people have to die before Blake throws in the towel?

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The Characters
Saleem Abuabrak

Your pizza is awesome!

Tina Nolder

How’s the weather in New Jersey?

Ryan Kasa

Wasn’t high school awesome in the 90’s? Well, maybe not.

Wayne Albertson

I miss the long hair buddy!

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Trond Smallenberger

I think you should get back together with your punk band.

Heidi Mayewski

Only met you at the signing, but I know your perfect for Ryan!

Claudio Nicoletti

Please don’t lose my FedEx packages!

Mark Mizenko

Remember doing the Hucklebuck?

Businesses Used

A huge thank you for all the businesses who let me use their name in my book.

CarMix Auto Sales

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Pizza Bella
Tyme Band
Beyond Fallen
Mr Pizza
Northeastern Ju Jitsu
Joe Barna

So when is the new episode of Dr. Who?

Lynne Caterall

Jelly Baby! Do you even visit Camliving anymore?

Joseph Karavis

Damn you have wicked vocals!

Allan Smith Jr

Remember you used to give me cassettes if I did your cobol programs for you? :)

Sandy Havard

I hear Julie Manson is looking for ya!

Gary Falzone

One word: CHUCKY!!

Linda Edwards

Bill Landmesser wants to rehire you.

Say Hi To Me!
Book Signing Photos
John Anderson

Thank you for writing the first review of book #1. The awesome feedback you left made you a star character in my book.

Mr Gandzyk

Remember the bowling at top speed nearly
breaking the pins? That was fun!!

Fran Augenti

Hi mom! Even though you won’t see this,
the only person in the world who doesnt have Internet

Brad Williams

Congrats on making it back to book #2!

Pat Cunningham

Spaghetti-O pizza!!

David Franks

When is the last time you wrote a program in RPG II?

Nestor Jaymalin

Go fix those ATMs!

Herb Krumich

See ya at Christmas! Or Easter... or... when I can :)

Jack Rosenzweig

How’s your computer running? :)

Cherie Dubiac

Congrats on the one year anniversary!

Sally B

You are still my inspiration!

Yvonne Moyer

Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone :)

Bryan McDermott

Remember selling Electrolux Vacuums?

Rich Davies

I wish it would RAIN, MAN! :)

alicia hope

Worlds best graphic artist! THANK YOU!

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