COINDEVIDEND - What a pathetic company!


Stay away from this company unless you want to get scammed! Here’s the story behind their scam, and their pathetic responses.

I had money in my account, and ready to withdraw it. When I did, the company wanted more money in order for me to withdraw it because of “poor downfall in Crypto”. OK, that’s the first sign of a scam company. Why should I be the one to ‘suffer’ because of the poor downfall? I was told and promised that there would not be any more fees after that. So, being stupid, I deposited it.

Waiting for my money to be sent to my crypto account, it wasn’t coming in. They then contacted me saying, “OK, it’s processing. We now need 10% of your total funds in order to release it.”

“I thought you said there wouldn’t be any more fees of any kind?”

Their response? “Oh, my bad!.” What the fuck, literally.

CoinD - Scam 1
CoinD - Scam 2

But it didn’t stop there! I fell for even more!

When they said they were going to close the account due to inactivity (#2 clue they are a scam - companies do not do that. They let it sit) I decided to give in. Afterall, it was $2k that was in there. So - I fell for it yet again. Once again, as you can see by the chat, they SWORE and promised - after this, no more fees. Again, they lie. Again, scam.

CoinD - Scam 3
CoinD - Scam 4

See the proof... NO MORE FEES. We keep to our word. So I stupidly make another deposit. And it gets even better! They said it all didn’t come through. That is NOT possible, but I just kept going. I had a friend help me since I was running out of money.

So I put in more - because “They didn’t get it all.” I knew this would be the last time I put anything in.... and it was. But it still continues! So I now placed the request for withdraw. And guess what? Even though they said no more fees, you’ll never guess what happened.  They wanted another release fee.

CoinD Scam 5

So there you have it. I told them basically to go fuck themselves, and my account is now gone. If I put in more, I know there’d be more fees due to “Fluctuation in Bitcoin.”


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