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What do you get?
DON’T STOP READING here just because of the  numbers you are about to see! It’s NOT a scam! You will get either 10% on your money after 24 hours, OR 35% after 48 hours, OR 65% after 24 hours, OR 85% after 24 hours!! See my story below. 

My Story:
Here’s my rant and rave about this company. Now, please bear with me. It’s long winded. And already, I know you are thinking (by looking at those profits) you are thinking “SCAM”. Right? Well, you are WRONG! Here’s my little story. Please, bear with me and read this through. You will NOT be sorry.

It is very, VERY embarrassing to say that I have been scammed out of FIVE different companies with a platform identical to this. Yes, FIVE. You would think I learned my lesson the first time. How much I lost? I refuse to say. So when I saw this one, with those rates (higher than the others I was scammed out of) I was extremely skeptical, just like you are right now. Even 10% is substantial. But my story is this, as to how this company is legit in every way.

I was referred by a good friend of mine. He’s been getting payouts for months now. Being scammed 5 times before really hurt the pocketbook, so I was skeptical. I chatted the admin of the site, and got an immediate response. Sure, they all respond, you say? Yes, every single one that scammed me also responded. BUT this one? Night and day difference in the way he spoke.


First of all, I asked him about how many times I can reinvest before I have to ‘bump to the next level.’ All the other companies I was with had a limit, but never told you, or even said there wasn’t a limit when there was! So if I kept reinvesting my profits, after a certain amount of times, I couldn’t reinvest anymore unless I deposited a ton more money to get to the next level. He was up front, and said there is no limit, like some of the others did. But he made sure I was aware that I could not withdraw until I got to $100 in my account. Up-front and honest, positive #1.

So I did it. I put in $50, which is above the $20 minimum. After some time, I worked my way up to $100. I was ready to withdraw.

With every single other company, when you request a withdraw, they tell you there is a fee to release it. Usually 10%!! What the hell? If you have $2k ready to be taken out from these other companies, you’re going to have to pay $200 to get your money out? EVERY SINGLE COMPANY I was with did this to me. They don’t tell you up front. In fact, they don’t tell you at all - until it’s time to withdraw. I have proof. Check out just a few of the scams I was in with full screen shot chats. (Click here to see the scam!), CoinCloudMiners (Click here to see the scam!), and (Click here to see the scam!) In fact, one of them promised and swore there was no fee, but yet when I requested my withdraw, guess what. A fee.


Anyway, I again asked if there was a fee when I released it (I asked before even depositing my $50 initially, and then again when ready to release). Once again they assured me, no fee. I thought “Uh huh, yeah right.”

Easy 1

The admin even said if I want to withdraw and stop reinvesting I can do that as well, there’s no pressure. What company says this? Easy Trade  does!

easy 2


So - I requested my withdraw. Guess what. No fee. I got my $105 from my $50 initial investment.

What do I do? Redeposit my $100. But you’re thinking “that’s how they get you”, right? Wrong again.

After the $100 redeposit, there was a slight issue with it not showing up. I thought “Uh oh, here we go.” It turns out there is a limited number of investments starting at $20-$499. With my initial deposit when I first started, I got in at the right time, but it all depends on the number of people investing that day. If you deposit $500 or more, you’re sure in for the 35% return. So now I was panicked - thinking my $100 is gone and I’ve been scammed again. But guess what?

The admin said “Don’t worry, we can refund you the money and you can come back when you have it or if you prefer not to, it’s all up to you.”  

easy 3

I didn’t even ask. They offered first! If this company was a scam, would they offer a refund? No, they’d say I have to put more in to get to the $500.



Best part about it? Is Ethan, the admin. He ALWAYS checks up on you to make sure you are happy. When I was at the $50 level, once in a while he’d say hello and make sure everything was going ok. I did not ever get that with anyone else.

So now I am only investing with them. I refuse to even LOOK at another company. Hands down, 100% legit, and amazing support. Want to chat the admin yourself and have Telegram? Click here:

Want in? Here’s my referral link!

What do you need?
A crpyto wallet

My Rating: Star2Star2Star2Star2Star2
Absolutely amazing. Don’t let the high payouts steer you away! It is legit. The admin is super amazing. No fees. I never seen anything like it!!!


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