What do you get?
$$$ for doing what you already do - fill up your gas tank!!

What do you do?
When you are low on gas, open the app. It will show you locations where to get gas. When you “claim” the reward, you get at least .09 minimum (the least I ever got, anyway) on gas. So if you have a 25 gallon tank like my work vehicle does, I get $2.25 for that fill-up alone! And since I fill up about 4x a week, that’s a lot of money! I never had a hard time finding a location to fill up at. The best part? If you sign your friends up, you get money for every single fill-up they do!

How long does it take to play?
As long as it takes to fill your gas tank.

How many times a day can you play?
Unlimited. Whenever you run out of gas, use it!

Where do I get it from?

How much do I earn?
A lot. Depends on the amount you fill up. I just got this last week. I already have $5.37, and TWO MORE that haven’t hit my account yet. It usually takes 2-3 days for it to show up. Cash-out is ANYTIME but if you cash out before you reach $15, they charge you a $1 fee.

What do you need?
A paypal account. Nothing more!

My Rating: Star2Star2Star2Star2
I gave it a 4 because of the lack of gas stations available. They say they are updating the app to work with restaurants as well, so that should be excellent if it becomes a reality.


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