What do you get?

What do you do?
Visit the website. Deposit any amount starting at $20. In just 24 hours, you get 2.2% of that amount back PLUS your $20 back! There’s no loss - no gambling with your money. You get your $20 back, PLUS the 2.2% investment - guaranteed. The more you put in, the more you get back - EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I was doing this for a week. At first, I started with $50. In exactly 24 hours, I had $51.10. I took out the $1.10 profit and deposited that into my BTC account. I then re-invested the $50 again. Once again, next day, $51.10. I did that for a week. Then I decided to try $100. Same scenario. $100 turned into $102.20 the next day. You can take your profit  and initial investment out at any time, or just reinvest the entire thing. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

How long does it take to play?
EXACTLY 24 hours from the time you make your first deposit

How many times a day can you play?
Once every 24 hours

Where do I get it from?

How much do I earn?
Depends on the amount invest! See above. Incredible pay-out!!

What do you need?
All you need is a crypto wallet account for deposit.

Any notes?
You have to keep track of how many times you do this. 15 is the limit. So I’d stick with 14 to be sure. If you reinvest for the 15th time, your money is automatically deposited into the next tier (which starts at $5000) and can’t get it back. So - on your 14th time, take all the money out and sign up again - under a different email address, which at the time of me writing this, I have done so.

My Rating: Star2Star2Star2Star2
I gave it a 4 because sometimes when you withdraw, it takes them 2 days to deposit it. They blame it on the “Bitcoin price drops.” Well, what if it drops a lot? Will I ever get the money? Answer is most likely YES. But this is so simple to do with no effort at all. I never had an issue, and now on my 3rd account because the 15 limit was reached.


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