Things were going well at first. Made my deposit fine, of course, and watched the money grow. I was withdrawing small amounts and thinking it was all legit. Then all of a sudden, one day, mysteriously there was a deposit of $10k! They said it was deposited by someone by accident, no way of tracking it, but if it’s not claimed, it’s all mine! As long as I came up with 10% to withdraw. Even though it’s not my fault this money was magically appeared in my account. I couldn’t even withdraw the money I had, so basically all my money was stuck until I paid this stupid fee.

Of course, this is obviously try t#1 for the scam.

Who has $1k laying around to throw at this bull shit when it was so obvious it was a scam.

When I told them I can’t come up with anywhere near that, the money sat. And sat. And sat.

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We kept talking back and forth normally like a customer and business do. We got friendly, and they decided to try scam #2 on my since we’ve been talking back and forth. They said that Elon Musk has decided to bless them with Dogecoin, and my account was chosen as one of the accounts to get this MILLION DOLLARS. LOL. If that ain’t bullshit, I don’t know what is.

They kept bugging the shit out of me, literally, saying it’s legit, and saying I need to get a loan because I can pay back the loan the next day.  Only a dumb-ass would say “yeah, ok!” and do it. A million? Elon Musk? Mysterious $10k being deposited? Complete bullshit. This went on for MONTHS!!

This went on and on for months with pressure of ‘borrowing money, getting a loan, etc.”

Then it changed tune... We had other investors willing to help because I refused to put money in. In order to get it all out, the ONE MILLION (I can’t stop laughing at that ridiculousness) I only owed an undisclosed amount (I refuse to say- it’s not much but it’s embarrassing) and the rest would be taken care of by the others. Well, it wasn’t that much, so what did I do? Deposit it. Guess what happened? The other investors pulled out cause I waited to long.

Where are we at now? Well, I told them I want my last deposit back because the other investors pulled out, they got theirs back, so I want mine. From that point, they blocked me, and deleted my account.


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