What do you get?

What do you do?
Many, many things! One of the things I use it for is free spin type of thing, but this one is totally different than the spins on the previous page. My favorite part of this is the surveys. You actually earn a decent amount doing surveys! The screen shot to the left is the free rolls, and to the right of that is what else they offer. You can also log in from a computer to take the surveys a bit easier.

How long does it take to play?
The free roll takes a little longer, maybe 30 seconds or so. And the surveys? Depends. The longer the survey, the more you WILL make.

How many times a day can you play?
The rolls are once every hour. The surveys? As many times as you want. Sometimes I have a shitload of time on my hands and do survey after survey. Money adds up - quickly. And when you cash out? No limit.

Where do I get it from?

Any hacks?
Yes! One of the things that are in this app is just to watch ‘advertisements’ and get free BTC. You can view up to 14 per day. So what I have done is downloaded an automated clicking program and setup automated mouse clicks at certain time frames on certain parts of the screen. Since the advertisements are the same in length when viewing, and to close out of them is in the same exact spot, if you setup this android app to automate it, you can let it go - and just walk away from your phone and let the automated clicker do it for you! I will not go into explanation on how to do that, it’s self explanatory, but here is where you get the app for that:

How much do I earn?
I have cashed out on over $100 already! When you withdraw you will have it in 24 hours. There’s no minimum required. Cash out at $1.00 if you want! See the 14,902 coins at the top? That translates to $1.49 in BTC. I just did a withdraw yesterday of $17

What do you need?
A wallet that will support BTC! (See another page here for a free wallet with benefits, too!)

Anything else?
There is so much to do here. PTC (Paid to click) ads that are 30 seconds each. You can install other apps through this app to get more coins. Ton of stuff. This is one is my favorite out of all because of the payout.

My Rating: Star2Star2Star2Star2
I gave it a 4 because the you can build up your money in no time! Take a few surveys for a few hours and you’ll already have $5 in your account.


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