There are a LOT of apps out there that ‘supposedly’ give you free money by playing a game, or doing certain tasks. I’ve had a lot where I could never ever cash out because once I reached a limit, I wasn’t able to get any more to cash out with. Sound familiar? If you’re into these types of ‘games’ then you probably have as well.

What I am sharing here is apps that I have actually gotten paid with. Some of them pay so low it may not even be worth it. Some of them are MORE than worth it! They are ALL FREE! I am kind of an addict when it comes to this stuff. Seriously. Kind of embarrassed about it, but hey... may as well share. Now, if I didn’t ‘cash out’ I will NOT post them until I do - even though I KNOW for a fact some of them will pay when I reach that limit. I am doing many more, and when I cash out on those, I will post them as well. This page will be updated all the time. Keep coming back to check for more!

You may be thinking why even do the ones that pay so incredibly low? Because it doesn’t take long at all, and all adds up over time.

Why am I sharing these? Because if you sign up with my referral link, you get bonuses, and so do I. Then you share your links, and get the same deal. Are you ready? If you do every single one like I do (yeah, right, that’ll never happen - no one is that pathetic) you can literally blow through ALL of them in just 1 hour a day. Even going in MULTIPLE TIMES. That’s all it takes me. And that’s why I do it.

Each page you navigate through will show all the details, how much you can earn, screen shots, tips and tricks, etc. The choice is fully yours, but all I ask is this - to use my referral link, please. Let’s get started!! There’s quite a bit!! See the links at the bottom as you navigate through the pages.


    There is a lot here dealing with Crypto! Be careful! There are some sites that are pure scams. I’ve fallen for them! So - the FIVE that I know of, are, (Click here to see the scam!), CoinCloudMiners (Click here to see the scam!), (Click here to see the scam!), and StreamCoinX. You’d think after the first one I’d learn. I’ve have now! PLEASE - do not do these! SCAMS!! The largest loss is Finance Credits, but I REFUSE to say how much here.


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