What do you get?
Free cash! This one you get the most money, QUICKEST! It is now my 2nd favorite!

What do you do?
Answer surveys. This is MUCH different than the other survey-type apps, mainly for TWO reasons.
1) The surveys are NEVER longer than 3-4 minutes per survey
2) You get a minimum of .25 per survey
3) A lot of times you can do tasks for them! Like at a grocery store, take pictures of products and tell them what the prices are which is where you earn the big bucks!  Wait till ya see how much below!

How long does it take to play?
Depends on how many surveys you do. There’s not surveys to constantly take, some appear here and there for you to do. There are other options where you can visit certain locations in your area and get paid to do them! That’s the best part.

How many times a day can you play?
Whenever a new survey or offer is available, most of the time 1-2 per week.

Where do I get it from?

How much do I earn?
On most survey-type apps, sometimes it take 10-30 minutes to complete a survey and you get about $.50 for those! So this is well worth it to do a 3 minute survey for .25! OR if you do the tasks for them, then its between $1.00 and $5 per task! I did TEN TASKS at one store for $1 each. It took me 15 minutes and I got $10! And when I cashed out at $11.50, I got it in SECONDS. Now I am doing tasks for $5 each for 2 minutes of my time (even though it says 5-10 minutes).

What do you need?
A Paypal account to cash out at $10.00. Do NOT get caught taking pictures. It is frowned upon at many locations, but it’s worth it if you know how to hide what you are doing. At the time of this posting there were about 30 more tasks for me to complete if I wanted, worth about $150!! See screen shot above.

My Rating: Star2Star2Star2Star2Star2
I only have up to 5-star ratings, but I only rated it that becauae of their on-site surveys where you take pictures (otherwise I’d still give it a 4). I did $16 worth just the other day, and today I did $10 more. All it took me was about 20 minutes. There are still about $100 to be claimed waiting for me, and probably will wind up doing those as well. Payment is INSTANT once you hit the $10 threshold.

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